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Gifts at Touched by Green are always handmade and purchased directly from the maker

Inspired by an artisan show that her friends organized, Maria Patricia Duque began collecting and selling Colombian art two years before opening Touched by...

RIs family-owned LDC launches jewelry line, Alexys Ryan

EAST PROVIDENCE – With the viability of their business in mind, family-owned jewelry manufacturer LDC Inc. launched their first signature brand on March 2. The...

Make the most of your next shopping trip

With the economy on the rebound, shopping trips are once again becoming an indulgence for men and women alike. Responsible shoppers know to spend...
fish countervideo

Grilling seafood is nothing to fear

People often shy away from cooking seafood on the grill. They may feel it's too complicated. Although cooking fish on the barbecue requires a little...

5 Steps to finding the right realtor

Whether buying a new home or selling an existing property, real estate transactions are often the largest and most significant deals of our lives. Therefore,...

4 easy steps to customized hardwood floors

No other flooring option delivers the splendor, warmth and value of natural wood. Today there are countless colors available to choose from as well...

Stock up on party supplies

Hosting a party is no small task. Hosts must tend to a slew of responsibilities when inviting friends and family to their homes, and...

Grills, Grills Everywhere ..

Choosing your grill should start with thinking about how you want to cook for family and friends. Having been in the business almost 30...

Sporting goods, brewhouse among those moving in “where Midland Mall used to be”

WARWICK, R.I. — Two new tenants, a retailer and a restaurant, have committed to joining Burlington Stores in the restructured former Rhode Island Mall. Dick’s...

When you say ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have!’ and mean it

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — After Hanukkah and Christmas presents are opened this weekend, some gifts will go back to retailers. "Returns season" begins tomorrow and continues...


Benefits of Sleep

It is easy to overlook the benefits of a good night's sleep. Without adequate rest, a person can be left feeling irritable, distracted and...

Reduce everyday expenses

The costs of raising a family can be considerable, so reducing costs and saving money on every day expenses is important for families. In its 2014...

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